Monday, December 27, 2010

'Get Ready to Compete with the World’

MULISSA for the current academic year (2010-11) was inaugurated on 22nd December
2010 by Prof. V.G. Talawar, honorable Vice-Chancellor, University of
Mysore by lighting the lamp. In his inaugural speech he explained that how librarians
are gaining importance at the global level. He advised the students to prepare themselves for the future challenges. In his concluding part he once again congratulated all new team members of MULISSA.

At a time when the world has become a global village, University of Mysore (UoM) Vice Chancellor Prof V G Talawar urged students to stop limiting themselves to the levels of varsity and prepare to face competition from across the world.

He was speaking at the inaugural programme of Mysore University Library and Information Science Students Association (MULISSA) at the Department of Studies in Library and Information Science, UoM, here on Wednesday.

Advising students of the Library and Information Science Department, Prof Talawar said that the focus should be on inter-disciplinary studies. Stressing on the need for knowing the basics of all subjects, Prof. V. G. Talawar said that it would help them catalogue books in a better way and also help people.

Observing that Father of Librarian Sciences S R Ranganathan had provided the cornerstone, he urged students to specialise in subjects and adopt necessary skills to succeed. He also told students to go beyond the department to learn about the current trends in their area of expertise.

Prof. V. G. Talawar said that students from rural areas can outperform their urban counterparts with the critical thinking skills they possess. He said that while urban students have better communication skills, they lack critical thinking capabilities.

Citing an example about the preference for students from rural areas, Prof. V. G. Talawar said that recently an industrial tycoon had said that corporates prefer rural youth as they are more dedicated and ensure better productivity. Honesty and the urge to learn will help students become successful, he added.

Guest of honor Dr. I.R.N. Gowder spoke about the positive qualities
which are necessary for all librarians and students. In his speech he
appreciated the knowledge gained by students of Dept. of LIS, UOM comparing with the students of other universities. According to him
dept of LIS, UOM has been producing good number of students who are
suitable for the IT environment by providing all IT facilities
through subject experts. He encouraged students to train themselves in
different sections of university library during leisure to gain practical
experience. At the end of his talk he appreciated the faculty
and students of dept. of LIS.

Prof.Mallinath Kumbar President MULISSA and Chairman of LIS, UOM
presided over the function. In his presidential address he thanked
from his whole heart to Prof.Talawar for their continuous support and
cooperation for upgrading department. On that special
occasion he explained how students should make use of MULISSA forum to
develop their self confidence, to improve their leadership qualities
and to expose their hidden talents. Finally he promised all team
members that he will give continuous support and freedom to organize
fruitful programmes which will more useful to student community.

The programme was started at 10: 30 am by melodious invocation by
Ms. Lekha, Dr. Adithya Kumari, Faculty advisor MULISSA welcomed the
gathering, Mr. Muruli N. proposed vote of thanks. Ms.Shrirekha was the campier during the programme.

Dr.Y. Venkatesha, Associate Professor, DOS in LIS, UOM, Dr.N.S.Harinarayana, Reader in DOS in LIS, UOM, Dr.Ramesh Gandhi, Chief Librarian were present there.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The department of Library and Information Science, University of Mysore, has
elected the office bearers of MULISSA {Mysore University library and Information Science Students Association.} This is one of the active students association in our campus (Manasagagothri campus)
This association was established in 1965 in our department, it is still active and well- known for its famous weekly program "Friday Talks".

Following are the office bearers

President : Prof : Mallinath Kumbar
Faculty advisor : Dr : Adithya Kumari
Secretary : Muruli N.
JointSecretary : Girish Kumar
Treasure : Sahana
Members : Guruprasad G.M.
Shrirekha N.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Character buildiing among young Indians under Transition"

29th November 2008.

Dear Professionals,
MULISSA(Mysore University Library and Information Science Students Association) organised its famous 'Friday talk' on Saturday 29th November 2008.

This week's guest Col.Bhanuprakash spoke about "Character buildiing among young Indians under Transition". He talked about character, attitudes and most importantly self-discipline. He also reasoned out why people in developing countries have different attitude compared to developed countries. He also spoke about compromise, consensus and dedication.

Chairperson and Faculty advisor to MULISSA Dr. Khaiser Nikam welcomed the guest. Research Scholars and Students were present on the occasion.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Get an edge to realize your dream"

21 Nov. 2008
Dear Professionals,
The 5th talk of the ‘Friday Talk’ series of MULISSA (Mysore University Library and Information Science Students Association) was held at the First year Lecture hall of Department of Library and Information Science, University of Mysore on Friday, 21st Nov. 2008.

This week’s topic of discussion was ‘Get on edge to realize your dream’.
Mr. Prashanth Kumar, Managing Director of EDGE (Enhancing Individual Growth and Excellence), Mysore, gave an interactive presentation on how to realize our dreams.
He began by defining the word ‘success’, which means many things to many people. Intent, effort and God’s grace are three ingredients for success. He emphasized certain issues such as

- Why some people are not successful.
- The art of dream conversion being a structured process.
- Handling fear
- Dealing with criticism

He ended with the quote ‘Dreams can come true, if you make them come true’.

Dr. Mallinath Kumbar presided over the function, welcomed and introduced the guest, Faculty, Research Scholars and students were present on the occasion.

Friday, November 14, 2008

November, 14, 2008
Dear Professionals,
Special 'Friday talk' lecture of Mysore University Library and Information Science Students Association (MULISSA) was held at First Year lecture hall of the Department of Library and Information Science, University of Mysore on Friday, 14th Nov. 2008.
This Friday's talk was special because National Library Week starts from the same day, i.e. 14th - 20th Nov. 2008.This week's guest Prof. N.S.Venugopal of Basudev Somany First Grade College, Kuvempunagar, Mysore gave lecture on the 'Ethics in Advertising'.
He began by tasking a question 'Does advertisement sell product?' He continued on to the concept of business ethics, meaning of ethics, qualities of ethics, present day advertisement trends and how advertisements can be helpful in serving the purpose of the library.He ended by explaining the self regulatory methods for the advertising industry.
Dr. Khaiser Nikam, Chairperson and faculty advisor to MULISSA, gave a lecture on the history and imporatnce of National Library Week and read some excerpts from Padmashree S.R.Ranganathan's classic 'Five Laws of Library Science'.Faculty, Research scholars and Students were present on the occasion.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Occupational English Language and Communications

October 31, 2008
Friday talk-2 Lecture on Occupational English Language and Communication by Dr. Benjamin Sukumaran.

The Friday Talk series began with warm invocation by Pushpa of MLISc around 3.30pm. Dr. Khaiser Nikam Chairperson of Library and Information Science gave a welcome to the guest and all, along with an introduction of Dr. Benjamin Sukumaran IOLS Career Empowerment and Development Kuvempunagar, Mysore. Chairperson gave a brief note about the Library Science has grown in rapid speed. Thirst of knowledge, language and love towards subject maker a person to communicate better.

Lecture Report:- ' Communication is life' 'Life without communication is tragedy'. With this great thought the lecture began by Dr. Benjamin Sukumaran. Benjamin explained how important communication is in life. And to communicate better one should have awareness of cross cultural, if not it would be a barrier for communication. "Communication is a process of response to a stimuli on the flat form of culture. " For communication Physical i.e. the Sound body is important secondly the expression and Thirdly acceptation. If intake is good means outtake will be good. There is stimuli everywhere but one should response. Every one's will power is some where one should realize and the will power should realize and the will power should not wasted in judging, but by learning, by understanding etc. EQ matters everywhere. And with an example of, A rich boy and poor boy who were his student 3-4 years ago and their problem and success story of them to Librarians communication is first because they are people to solve or to give the solution and not creating problem by more communication. He must be good at English because Librarians First nature is Enquiry, Second nature is confirmation and Third is Service. Librarians will be there until education is and Books are Source of Information, Travelling is Confirmation. "Fishes in River never get Thirsty". Thus one should identify his strength and weakness in communication and there by to overcome from it reading, learning and better hard work.

The session ended with vote of thanks by Hydar Ali.

Integrating RFID Technology for effective Security in Libraries and Information centers

October 24, 2008
Friday talk - 1 Special lecuture on Integrating RFID Technology for effective Security in Libraries and Information centers by B.R. Bhadhri, Principal Consultancy services, Bangalore-560085.

Dear Professionals,
MULISSA inauguration function was held at the Department of Library and
Information Science, Mysore University.

The chief guest Shri B.R Badhri spoke abut the history of RFID technology,
its relevance in different industries and its use in libraries.

He also spoke about Library Management Systems, their functional as well as
technical aspects. How RFID technology works, along with its uses in cost
effectiveness, multiple languages, book drop unit, improved services through
prior reservation and prevention of theft were addressed.

RFID is an off-shoot of barcoding which has been around for 40 years. A
chip embedded in a book can have details such as author, title, subject,
edition etc and this information can be accessed at the circulation desk
itself. The technology enables automatic identification of objects. In the
case of libraries, it is applied to books journals, CDs etc.

Chairperson and faculty advisor for MULISSA, Dr Khaiser Nikam briefed about
the history of the Department and the role of Dr. P.K. Patil as founding

Mr Shrinivas Prasad from Bahadur Institute of Management Science was also
present. Faculty, research scholars and students were also present.